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by Michael E. Petrie


Robin Lee Graham on the Latest Teen Circumnavs

sm201008 By Michael E. Petrie August 2010 SAIL Magazine

At the tender age of 16, Robin Lee Graham set out alone on a 33,000 mile, five year circumnavigation as the youngest solo sailor in the smallest boat: a 24 foot sloop named Dove. His voyage was famously covered by National Geographic Magazine, spawned two best selling books – Dove and Home Is The Sailor – a children’s book, The Boy Who Sailed Around The World Alone and a major Hollywood movie, The Dove, which won a Golden Globe Award. Writer Michael Petrie catches up with Graham, wanting to know what this famous sailor thinks of the latest teen circumnavs... Read More >>


Still Sailing After All These Years

sm200912By Michael E. Petrie December 2009 SAIL Magazine

World travel, exotic ports, hobnobbing with the rich & famous, surfing, sailing, LIVING ... Octogenarian John Garau has pretty much done it all in his long lifetime ... and he's certainly not going to let a trifling thing like age slow him down now!... Read More >>




A love-smitten beginner

sm200905By Michael Petrie

When you’re an intelligent, successful, physically fit, forty-something woman with a busy medical practice who pursues life experiences with real fervor, where do you turn for new challenges? Read More >>



Muddling Towards Golden Gate

sm200811By Michael Petrie

They say you never forget your first time. For Michael Petrie, cruising offshore began onboard Azulo, a 20-year-old, 31-foot Mariner ketch. He and his friends, a motley crew of four young sailors, set off to sail the high seas! This was the voyage that started it all for this author/sailor...  Read More >> sailing and Muddling Towards Golden Gate





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